Modernism XIII


From Vatican II Exposed as Counterfeit Catholicism by Frs. Francisco and Dominic Radecki, CMRI


Satan recruited Modernists from many countries in an attempt to destroy the Catholic Church and replace it with the Modern Church. Each had a specific job and worked for a common end. Vatican II was historically one of the largest “family reunions” of heretics ever assembled. They were very focused and extremely efficient. Many who believe the changes of Vatican II were accomplished by chance fail to realize the centuries of detailed planning needed to affect the changes. Thousands played critical roles. Some indoctrinated, others infiltrated, and all trained successors. Many women played essential roles in spreading Modernism, especially Religious Sisters. They trained lay and religious helpers to continue the cycle.

Not everything that these individuals said or did reflected Modernism. Cardinal Meyer wrote an excellent Pastoral Letter on Modesty and many of Archbishop Sheen’s books are doctrinally sound. Their appeal to both Modernists and Traditionalists allowed them to be respected and reached larger audiences. Surprisingly, even some who suffered incarceration in Communist prisons joined the Modernist cause. Who would ever suspect them? They were likely offered deals for infiltrating
the Church. Customarily, clergy cannot rise in rank in Communist countries without collaboration of some sort.

Once opposition was neutralized at the Council, Modernists could do as they pleased. No wonder Vatican II accomplished its goals so easily. Many of those in attendance had already accepted its goal and ideals decades earlier and were happy to approve the documents. Modernists patterned their work on the Mafia where soldiers do most of the work and capos (captains) gave orders. They infiltrated the Church like cockroaches that appear everywhere.

Presented here will be some major players at Vatican II, who acted as apostles and disciples of Antichrist, preparing the world for his reign.


Unfortunately, many saintly American cardinals died shortly before Vatican II began, including Mundelein and Stritch (Chicago), Mooney (Detroit), Glennon (St. Louis), O’Connell (Boston), Keough (Baltimore), and Hayes (New York). Their replacements were Modernists Meyer, Cody, Dearden, Ritter and Carberry, Cushing, Sheehan and Spellman. Just before the election of John XXIII, Cardinals Stritch and Mooney died mysterious, untimely deaths in Rome. This accomplished two
goals: their leadership now absent, and their voices silenced. This gave a green light to American Modernists who were happy to take a leadership role. Subsequently, they guided many Council Fathers, who blindly followed their lead.