Q1) What is the dress code for attending mass and services? 

A1) DRESS POLICY ~ When attending any functions at the chapel, especially Holy Mass, you are in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Please dress accordingly, with due modesty and respect. Everyone should refrain from jeans, shorts or T-shirts. Ladies, use a head covering, available in the rear of the church either for loan or for purchase.

Q2) Will I be able to follow and understand the Mass in Latin? 

A2) The green or gray Missals located in the pews will assist in following the Mass. They provide the Mass in Latin on the left pages and in English on the right. 

Q3) Is Holy Family part of the local catholic diocese?

A3) Holy Family is in union with Eternal Rome; countless popes, cardinals, bishops, priest, and saints who loved, served, and died for the Holy Catholic Faith. It holds the Successor of Saint Peter to be the true Vicar of Christ on earth and the head of the Universal Church. Holy Family rejects Modernism and has no affiliation with the local ordinary.

  Q4) Why attend Holy Family?

A4) The world today has turned away from God and as a result has lost its moral foundation. Holy Family offers a space free of modern mischief, and a safe haven for those seeking the faith and truth of Jesus Christ and the church that leads directly back to his earliest disciples. Valid priests ordained in the old rite or conditionally ordained in that rite teach, sanctify, and serve the religious needs of the faithful at Holy Family. A lay board of directors also serves.

All are welcome to this chapel