Modernism X


We continue with the series from Vatican II Exposed as Counterfeit Catholicism
by Frs. Francisco and Dominic Radecki, CMRI.


Like weed seeds that fly through the air and take root once they find fertile soil, Modernism permeated Catholic institutions, causing seminarians, priests, bishops and laity to doubt and question everything. Modernist “demolition experts” sowed disbelief and destroyed any faith that remained. It is always easy to oppose something. Consider hecklers at a political rally they don’t need to present a better plan; they merely attack.

Dedicated men and women from around the world zealously promoted the new beliefs, new worship and new practices. Modernism had the look and feel of an exciting movement and was cleverly promoted by false slogans. Gregory Baum, who left the priesthood and married a divorced ex-nun, called for “the reinterpretation of the entire teaching of the Church in the light of the new focus.” He was a homosexual and wrote Vatican II documents.

The name Modernism is appealing since it seems to describe something contemporary, popular and widely accepted by society. Surprisingly, there is nothing modern about Modernism. It is merely old heresies repackaged. Numerous individuals…are Modernists because of their heretical writings, speeches, or close association with Modernists. It doesn’t necessarily mean everything they said or did was heretical. Some formed close relationships with Modernists and became infected as a result. Others spent their entire adult life attacking Christ’s Church. Let God be their final judge.

The intelligent, well organized, heretical theologians who wrote the Documents of Vatican II are known by their last names: Chenu, Congar, De Lubac, Kung, Rahner, and Schillebeeckx. They omit the title “Father” since they wished to appear as professional “theologians,” not as Catholic clergy. It is interesting that there are very few photos of these “theologians” offering Mass, reciting the Divine Office or praying the Rosary. How did they find time to write thousands of articles, give
countless lectures and travel around the world unless they neglected their spiritual obligations? Vatican II used re-education, brainwashing techniques to transform Catholic bishops into puppets that rubber stamped their radical changes and approved their heretical documents. Bishops from around the world faithfully attended re-education lectures given by Congar, Chenu, De Lubac, Danielou, Murray and Schillebeeckx that supported Modernism and the destruction of the Mass and the sacraments.