Modernism VIII


We continue with the series from Vatican II Exposed as Counterfeit Catholicism
by Frs. Francisco and Dominic Radecki, CMRI.


Wolves hid under the Roman collar, bishop’s mitre and cardinal’s robe in order to more easily deceive the flock. The disguises worked to perfection. Even though people usually abhor evil, they are often deceived when evil appears to be harmless or is disguised as something good. Although traditionally-minded prelates were a majority when Vatican II began, things changed rapidly. Many younger prelates who attended the Council were infected with Modernism and brought
Modernist advisors (perti) with them.

Others who entered as Catholics, left as Modernists or Modernist sympathizers. Faith is easily lost once it is compromised. Some bishops who were able administrators, lacked a deep spiritual life and a thorough knowledge of Catholic doctrine. By the time the Second Session of the Council began, many bishops embraced the radical changes of Vatican II and the spirit of the world. The silent majority remained passive as Modernists dismantled the Catholic Faith. Fr. Martin Stepanich, OFM remarked that many bishops at Vatican II didn’t lose the Faith—they had little faith to begin with. Cardinals and bishops who courageously opposed the changes engaged in a losing battle. Nothing they did made any difference since they were vastly outnumbered.


During World War II, German SS troops caused great havoc during the Battle of the Bulge by disguising themselves as American soldiers. Their traitorous plan was brilliant. Why would anyone question Military Police in U.S. GI uniforms? A few termites can’t take down a home, yet a wooden structure is dangerously compromised once there is an infestation in key areas.


Though the Church seemed serene in some places during the early twentieth century, there were secret and overt attacks against it in others. Communists and Freemasons assailed the Church in Portugal (1910), Russia (1917) and Spain (1936). French government leaders, who had handpicked bishops since 1682, exiled clergy and members of Religious Orders during the early 1900’s. Modernists, Freemasons and Communists, like killer submarines, stealthily attacked the Church,
using Freemasonic Lodges for cover. Eventually, they placed one of their own on the Throne of St. Peter. John XXIII convoked Vatican II to destroy the Catholic Church.