Modernism VI (Continuing with Vatican II Exposed as Counterfeit Catholicism, by Frs. Francisco and Dominic Radecki, CMRI)


Modernist Master Plan

1] Infiltrate. Get Modernists into key positions. Those who were recruited before entering the Seminary may have been promised rewards or fame. Professors, students and prelates were happy to assist. Modernism remains a well-oiled machine. Its people quickly rise to the top.

[2] Offer Counterfeits. Paired with legitimate movements, Modernist causes become almost invisible. The Modernist Liturgical Movement promoted by Parsch in Austria, Beauduin and Botte in Belgium, Bouyer, Casel and Guardini in Germany, and Michel, Diekmann, Ellard and Hellreigel in the United States paralleled work being done by Catholic liturgists allowing them to engage in experimentation without arousing suspicion.

While Pope Pius XII encouraged biblical study, Modernists Fr. Marie-Joseph Lagrange, Bea and Alfrink promoted historical-critical Scriptural analysis based on skepticism.

Congar, Danielou and De Lubac used the study of the Church Fathers as a smokescreen to justify the Church revert to earlier practices and make major changes.
Pope Pius XII condemned this type of antiquarianism in 1947.

Historically, missionaries had always worked to convert non-Catholics. Mercier, Bea and Willebrands formed the Ecumenical Movement that centered on dialogue with non-Catholics, not conversion.

[3] Arouse Interest. Writers placed articles in journals and periodicals worldwide to make Modernism appear to be a spontaneous, faith-oriented, popular movement. This caught many clergy, seminarians and teachers off guard by the clever blending of truth and error. These individuals then indoctrinated others who spread Modernism like wildfire.

The silent majority who attended Vatican II often saw nothing wrong with many proposed heretical concepts since they were already familiar with them. Although many bishops didn’t actively promote Modernism, most did nothing to stop or oppose it.

[4] Indoctrinate. Modernists convinced traditional-minded prelates to be open-minded, to “get with the times” and trust “the experts.” Re-education (brainwashing) transformed many staunch Catholics into zealous progressives.

[5] Keep the Masses Confused. Vague terminology was purposely used to disguise essential changes in belief. Modernists believed most bishops wouldn’t pay attention if Catholic terms were mixed with heretical ones. If many ingredients are added to a dish, it is difficult to determine its components.