The Office of AntiChrist I


Some time ago, I came into possession of a shocking report titled “Official Guidelines to Inaugurate the Golden Age of Blessed Peace from the Office for Antichrist.” It was issued by the then infamous P2 [Freemasonic] Lodge in Italy just prior to Vatican II. Even if you question its authenticity, it must be admitted that this has all come true. The content in brackets are my comments.

===Effective March 1962. All warlocks and officers shall report on the progress of these critical directives! [Pope] John XXIII
will accept them easily!

[1] Remove St. Michael, the protector of the Catholic Church, from every prayer whether inside or outside of Mass, once and for all. Remove all of his statues. Say that it detracts from Christ. [They did this—the Leonine Prayers, the prayers after Mass—were
eliminated by Paul VI in 1965]

[2] Put a stop to the practice of penance during Lent, such as Friday abstinence, or fasting. Halt any acts of self-denial. Replace with acts of joy, happiness and love of neighbor. Say that Christ already won heaven for us, and that efforts of humans are to no avail. [Very Protestant — the New Order Church preaches that most everyone goes to heaven. They did away with not eating meat on Friday back in the 1960’s, too]

[3] Assign Protestant Ministers to revise and desacralize the Mass. [You can Google pictures of the six Protestant ministers who helped formulate the New Mass, under the direction of the Freemason Archbishop Bugnini] All of this will instigate doubts about the Real Presence, getting people to the Protestant belief that the bread and wine are only symbolic. [Most people do not believe in the Real Presence, but the New Mass is invalid, regardless of what anyone believes]

[4] Stop all Latin in the Mass, devotions and songs. Do so because Latin lends a feeling of mystery and respect. Show it up as mumbo jumbo and superstitious. Get people to think that priests are just like anyone else, and that they can do what they do. [Oh my how smart these people were. Well— they had the intelligence of the Devil behind them]

[5] Encourage ladies to remove their hats in Church, because hair is sexy. Let women demand to be altar girls and priestesses. Start
a women’s liberation! [They did all of this]

[6] Stop those receiving ‘Holy Communion’ from kneeling to receive the Host. Tell nuns to stop children from folding their hands to and from Communion. Tell them that God loves them as they are and wants them to be perfectly relaxed. [Indeed, this happened]

[7] Stop organ music. Bring in guitars, drums and the stomping of feet. This will prevent any personal prayer or conversation with
Jesus. Don’t give Jesus time to call children to religious vocations.
To be continued.