“The Latin Mass needs to be restricted because the theology of the Church has changed.”


So said ‘Cardinal’ Arthur Roche who is the Novus Ordo Prefect of the Dicastery for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. He made this statement recently, within the past month or so. As far as I know, a ‘dicastery’ is similar in concept to a ‘congregation.’

Well, the cat is out of the bag, then. Or is it? But finally, there is some honesty from a Vatican official who has isolated the real problem concerning the “Latin Mass.”

What ‘His Eminence’ is referring to is what I call the “rat in the sack,” or the “pink elephant in the middle of the room” phenomenon. Namely this Latin Mass business is not really about the Mass so much as it is about the Church. Few understand this, and few want to know.

This question must be answered: Is the entity that most people recognize as the Catholic Church headed by Francis Bergoglio, the same entity that was in existence during and before the Reign of Pope Pius XII? So, before we can deal honestly and intelligently with the “Mass question,” we must first deal honestly and intelligently with the “Church question.”

In other words, did Vatican II SUBSTANTIALLY change the dogma of the Church from how it was understood for almost 2000 years before. The short answer is yes. Now in reality they couldn’t do this, but they could and did give the appearance of doing so.

Before his “election” the future John Paul II said in his book called “Sign of Contradiction:”The Church succeeded, during the Second Vatican Council, IN REDEFINING HER OWN NATURE” (p.17)

To change or redefine some things ‘nature’ is to change what it is. The Dogmatic Constitution on the Church carefully avoided placing anyone “outside the Church” and justified interfaith worship. By using the words, “subsists in,” (rather than “is” the Church) the Council regarded other religions and ecclesial bodies as equals…Cardinal Dulles noted that “subsists in” and “is” are two different things. Vatican II Exposed as Counterfeit Catholicism, p. 430.

Indeed, they are. The point here is that Roche, Bergoglio and their henchmen have to do away with the Traditional Mass because it upholds the Traditional idea of the Church, from which comes salvation. The New Mass is ecumenical and is not concerned with salvation, because everyone is saved no matter what they believe or do. The Traditional Mass stands in reproach to those who have foisted this new religion on the world, they hate it, and they need to destroy it. This is necessary to bring about their One World Church, without Christ or dogma.

In my opinion, the most pathetic players in this scenario are the so-called “conservative” bishops and Cardinals who disobey the man they consider to be the pope by allowing their flocks to have the “Latin Mass” on the sly. This is totally dishonest. For once, wouldn’t it be grand for some of these company men to muster up some courage, get out of the Novus Ordo once and for all to join the ranks of those of us who have? Wouldn’t it indeed be grand!

And the eclipse of the Church continues to darken the world.