The Hell You Say!


On March 11, 2023 the false Pope Bergoglio was asked the following:

What is your own interpretation of hell and paradise, and what happens to people who go to hell, and what to those who go
to paradise?

‘Pope’ Francis responds:

Hell is a state, there are people who live in hell continuously.
…hell is a state, it is a state of the heart, of the soul, of a posture
towards life, towards values, towards the family, towards everything.
There are people who live in hell because they seek it, there are others
who do not, who are suffering. And who goes to hell, to that hell, to
that state? They who are already living it from here.

In this interview, as well as other times he has publicly spoke about Hell, the following can be stated as to how he sees it:

  1. hell is not a place
  2. one can only speak of hell as a state in this world
  3. one should not fear hell
  4. some people experience hell in this life
  5. no one goes to a supernatural or preternatural hell

Bergoglio’s hell, then is totally NATURALISTIC, it is based entirely on life in this world. This of course, is heresy, as we shall see later. So according to ‘Pope’ Frances, Hell does not await the wicked after death. Or so he says… The interesting thing about Francis is that on many occasions he has disclosed his belief in the Devil. For example, from TV 2000 on December 2017 he says:

The Devil is an actual person rather than a concept…
Satan is smart and shouldn’t be argued with…
This is evil, it is not a diffuse concept, it is a person…
Satan is smart, he tells us that when we kick him out
he will go, but then, after a while, he comes back, with
seven companions worse than him.

This is very unlike the typical liberal Churchman and theologian, who sees the figure of Satan as a myth. So, what is going on here? Bergoglio believes in the Devil, but not in Hell? Is this not a kind of contradiction? To be continued.