The Apostasy II


Depending on who you talk to, the Great Apostasy that St. Paul refers to, began with the Protestant revolt, or more probably with the promulgation of Vatican II on December 8, 1965. Specifically, my opinion is Luther’s revolt was the first stage of future events that have made the faithful shutter and the cosmos shake. The second stage came with the promulgation of the Conciliar document called “Lumen Gentium” by Paul VI on November 21,1964. It was here that the attempted radical transformation of the Church and its nature occurred. The Catholic Church now “subsists in” the wider Christian body, rather than as Pope Pius XII taught that the Catholic Church IS the Church of Christ. This has always been the universal understanding of the Church. “Subsists in” mirrors the so-called “Branch theory” of the church which became popular in the 19th century. The Branch theory maintains that the Church includes various Christian denominations, whether in formal communion or not. Such an idea has been condemned by true Popes many times.
Karol Wojtyla otherwise known as “Pope” John Paul said in “A Sign of Contradiction,” a retreat given to the Papal Household a short time before he became “pope”:

“The Church succeeded, during the Second Vatican Council, in redefining her own nature.”

Such a statement indicated that the infiltrators finally had their way and their day. This, as has become obvious, meant that not only a union of other “Christian” denominations was to come about, but also an alliance with Pagan religions. The whole thing is incredibly blasphemous but was intended by the powers that be all along. This is the “third stage” by which the world will have fallen into the Great Apostasy.
Such is occurring right now in the world with Bergoglio and his avid promotion of “The Abrahamic Family House” solemnly inaugurated in Abu Dhabi, United Emirates. This includes three separate houses of worship — a mosque, church, and synagogue. According to the official web page of the “Abrahamic Family House,” the synagogue is dedicated to the Jewish philosopher Maimonides, who lived in the high middle-ages, the mosque is named after the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed El-Tayeb, with whom Bergoglio signed the “Human Fraternity” declaration. The church, so-called, is supposedly dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, but is more likely dedicated to Bergoglio, “Pope” Francis who does not seek to convert Muslims as St. Francis himself did.

THE THREE BUILDINGS EACH FORM THE POINT OF A TRIANGLE. Just like on the back of a dollar bill the pyramid signals the “New World Order,” these structures announce the New World Religion without creed and certainly without Christ.

  1. The Protestant revolt
  2. Vatican II

This is Satan’s plan which he has executed patiently over hundreds of years— will shortly come to fruition—if it hasn’t already.