Pope Pius XII And The Misreading Of His Life


Continuing with “Vatican II Exposed as Counterfeit Catholicism”
by Frs. Francisco and Dominic Radecki, CMRI

Some Modernists falsely claim actions of Pope Pius XII helped them start the Modernist Church. Some traditionalists today erroneously believe Pope Pius XII instigated Modernist liturgical changes, promoted ecumenism and allowed Biblical skepticism and an unguided lay apostolate. They are both wrong. Pope Pius XII was a prolific writer, composing “twenty volumes of the addresses, forty-three encyclicals [and] hundreds of apostolic constitutions issued…”Peace” is the word that most frequently appears in his addresses.


Many like to condemn Pope Pius XII since he was in contact with men who later had major roles at Vatican II. With good reason, Pope Pius XII distrusted many of those around him. By 1954, 15 of the cardinals were Modernists or had Modernist tendencies. Some wonder why Pope Pius XII kept Montini at his side for so many years. One reason was that the monsignor was very efficient. It was said, “If you want something done, get Montini to do it.”

Msgr. Pacelli had known Msgr. Montini since his days in the Office of Extraordinary Affairs and Secretary of State. Montini cleverly hid his Modernist leanings in order to rise to power. He kept a low profile and remained in the shadows, contently waiting until Pope Pius XII was out of the picture. The pope may also have kept him close because he didn’t trust him and wanted to keep an eye on his activities. The pope’s family never trusted Montini or Cicognani. [Cicognani was another powerful wolf in cardinal’s sheep clothing. My comment] Pope Pius XII did not completely trust Montini since he himself acted as Secretary of State from 1944 -1958 even though he gave Monsignors Montini and Tardini the titles of sostituto (substitute) and later Pro-Secretary of State. When Montini’s ties to Communists were revealed, he was immediately banished to Milan.

[It is my understanding that Pope Pius XII wanted to banish Montini to some obscure and distant monastery forever, but the threat from Freemasons and Communists to intensify persecution behind the iron curtain, along with other unspeakable threats, forced the Pope to give Montini a “promotion” as Archbishop of Milan instead. This would eventually put the traitor Montini in line for the Papacy, which indeed did occur, and is exactly what the enemies of the Church planned and engineered to happen, My comment]