Office of AntiChrist III


We continue with “Official guidelines to Inaugurate the ‘Golden Age of Blessed Peace’ from the Office for Antichrist.” This was issued by the infamous P2 [Freemasonic] Lodge in Italy just prior to Vatican II.

[16] Eliminate the Minor Order of Exorcist, for expelling devils. Work hard on this one. Sell the idea that there is not a real Devil. Say it is the Bible’s way of representing evil, and that there can’t be a good story without a villain. Then they will not believe in Hell either, and will never be afraid of going there. Say that Hell is nothing but being away from God, and what is so bad about that? [The Novus Ordo, in addition to altering and invalidating the order of priesthood and the episcopacy, did away with the orders of subdiaconate, porter, tonsure and exorcist. The P2 Lodge prevailed in their endeavor]

[17] Teach that Jesus was only a human, who had brothers and sisters, and He hated the establishment. Say that he loved the company of prostitutes, especially Mary Magdalene. Say that He had no use for churches or synagogues. [The fact that Jesus had no brothers and sisters is based not only in tradition, but on the Doctrine of the Virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She had no other children other than Our Lord Jesus Christ. That Jesus was only a man, is commonly accepted by many theologians, and probably many if not most churchmen]

[18] Nuns will quit the convent by appealing to their vanity, charm and beauty—make them get out of their habits, which will automatically make them throw away their rosaries. Show the world that there is dissension in their convents, and vocations will dry up. [One of the greatest tragedies of the post-Vatican era was the defection of so-called nuns in mind, heart and spirit]

[19] Burn all catechisms. Tell religion teachers to teach love of God’s people, instead of the love of God. Tell them to love openly. Make sex a common word in religion classes. Make sex a new religion. [As a young junior high and high school student, I heard about all of that. There was a book in the ‘Religion Resource Center’ entitled “I Will.” I leave it to you to determine just what that means]

[20] Eliminate Confession before First Holy Communion for 2nd and 3rd grade children. [This was devastating. I knew of children who have never gone to Confession because they missed out when they should have gone at 7 or 8 years old]

[21] When the number of nuns decrease, Catholic Schools will close. [They closed and/or teach watered down theology, which is actually worse]

[22] Churches will close because of the lack of priests.

[23] Elect an Anti-pope—say that he will bring Protestants and others into the Church, including Jews. [This was accomplished with the ‘election’ of Angelo Roncalli, known as John XXIII]