• Christian Family On The Verge Of Deportation
  • Eight Republican Senators Request House Subpoenaed FBI Documents
  • Hold The Line
    Catholic schools in Massachusetts order their 5,000 students to use the names, pronouns, and washrooms of their biological sex By James Reinl, Social Affairs Correspondent, For Dailymail.Com A Catholic school district in Massachusetts has ruled that its 5,000 students must use the names and pronouns they used at birth, in the latest clash between the … Read more
  • The War On Traditionalism Continues
    Mass. Couple Sues State After Being Denied as Foster Parents Over Religious Beliefs By Adam Devine August 8, 2023 A Catholic couple, Mike and Catherine “Kitty” Burke, has initiated legal action against Massachusetts state officials, alleging that they were denied the opportunity to foster children due to their religious beliefs about marriage and sexuality. According … Read more
  • Survey Finds Fervor Among Young French Catholics
    SURVEY FINDS FERVOR AMONG YOUNG FRENCH CATHOLICSLUKE COPPEN [1]May 26, 2023 . 5:04 PM 4 min read* Share on Twitter [2] * Share on Facebook [3] * Share on Pinterest [4] * Share on LinkedIn [5]*Share on WhatsApp * Share via Email [6]Young French Catholics bound for World Youth Day this August are marked by … Read more
  • Pope Francis disparages the Latin Mass again
    Pope Francis disparages the Latin Mass again (LifeSiteNews) — In this week’s episode of Faith & Reason, Father James Altman and Liz Yore once again join John-Henry Westen to discuss Pope Francis’ latest disparaging remarks on the Latin Mass.   Late last month, Pope Francis, while visiting Hungary, spoke to a group of Jesuits in … Read more
  • Big Government Targets Catholic Hospital
    BIG GOVERNMENT TARGETS CATHOLIC HOSPITAL. LOSES BADLY. [1]Big Government tells one of the largest hospitals in the country they must stop serving the elderly, disabled, and poor or blow out their sanctuary candle.Because the sanctuary candle is waaaaaaaaaaayyyy too dangerous.So the government asshats said they were going to shut Saint Francis Hospital down unless they … Read more
  • God vs. Satan: The Spiritual Battle in Boston Against SatanCon
    GOD VS. SATAN: THE SPIRITUAL BATTLE IN BOSTON AGAINST SATANCON [1]by Jon Paul FabrizioWe are living in a world that accepts the unacceptable. One recent example is the 2023 Satancon held in Boston on April 28-30. This satanic gathering, hosted by The Satanic Temple, was billed as the “the largest in history.” Some 800 satanists … Read more
  • Boston Archdiocese responds to Satanic Temple’s convention
    CALL TO ‘INTENSE’ PRAYER: BOSTON ARCHDIOCESE RESPONDS TO SATANIC TEMPLE’S CONVENTIONWashington D.C., Apr 20, 2023 / 09:30 amThe Archdiocese of Boston is responding to the Satanic Temple’s “SatanCon” event in Boston with scheduled eucharistic adoration, Catholic devotions, and “intense prayer.”“At the direction of the cardinal [Sean O’Malley], we are approaching it through a response balanced … Read more
  • The FBI Targets the SSPX
    SATANIC POWERS EXPOSED IN BRAND-NEW FILM OUT TOMORROWThey have captured the truth of Satan, demons, and demonic forces unlike anything ever seen on screen in Nefarious. Released on Friday, April 14, Solomon and Konzelman give the world the uncensored look at Satan’s agenda. This film is the perfect Trojan horse to introduce the reality behind … Read more
  • The Traditional Mass’s Rapidly Shrinking Freedom
    POWERFUL WITNESSES FOR GOD’S MARRIAGE PRAY IN OVER 1,000 LOCATIONSby Bernard SlobodnikApril 6, 2023Powerful Witnesses for God’s Marriage Pray in Over 1,000 LocationsFor over twenty years, the Public Square Rosary Campaign has been responsible for millions of rosaries being prayed at tens of thousands of locations across America. This monthly project of the American Society … Read more
  • Eucharistic ‘revival’ unfolds
    A GRASSROOTS EUCHARISTIC ‘REVIVAL’ UNFOLDS IN THE BRONXTHE PILLARMarch 28, 2023 .On the night of Ash Wednesday, hundreds of Catholics poured into the church of Holy Cross Parish in the Bronx, New York.They represented the broad diversity of Catholicism in New York City: some were English-speakers, some spoke mostly Spanish, they came from Dominican, Puerto … Read more
  • Pachamama Masses
    ABP. GOMEZ LEADS 6-MILE EUCHARISTIC PROCESSION IN DOWNTOWN LA TO REVIVE FAITH IN REAL PRESENCEA Mass on the feast of the Annunciation was followed by the procession through the city streets and concluded with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.LOS ANGELES (LifeSiteNews) – On March 25 for the feast of the Annunciation, Archbishop José Gomez led … Read more
  • Dedicated To Jesus
    TYSON FURY: THE BOXING CHAMPION WHO DEDICATES EVERYTHING TO JESUS CHRISTLifeSiteNews) — What if I told you that the heavyweight boxing champion of the world is an outspoken Catholic? Tyson Fury, the 6’9″, 266-pound world heavyweight boxing champion has often spoken of his faith, but you’ve got to see how it played out in one … Read more
  • Unjust War on the Latin Mass
    POPE FRANCIS WAGES UNJUST WAR ON THE LATIN MASSby Luiz Sérgio SolimeoMarch 8, 2023Pope Francis Wages Unjust War on the Latin Mass Pope Francis’s actions and words speak for themselves. They amount to war…Shortly after returning from his Africa trip (January 31–February 5, 2023), where he celebrated a Zaire rite Mass to the sound of … Read more
  • Mother Angelica
    MOTHER ANGELICA [1] The Good Mother Angelica Had It RIGHT Many Years Ago!!!!POPE INTERVENES AGAIN TO RESTRICT CELEBRATION OF LATIN MASSROME (AP) — Pope Francis has intervened for the third time to crack down on the celebration of the old Latin Mass, a sign of continued friction with Catholic traditionalists.© Provided by The Associated PressFrancis … Read more
  • 1,100 Rosary Rallies
    CAPTAINS WIN VICTORY WITH 1,100 ROSARY RALLIES FOR LIFE! [1]On January 21, America Needs Fatima supporters held over 1,100 Public Square Rosary Rallies nationwide to pray for the end of abortion in America. The January Pro-Life Rosary Rallies celebrated last June’s overturning of the infamous _Roe v. Wade._ The rallies also expressed the determination of … Read more
  • It’s Not A Crime
    LOCAL MAGISTRATE WARNS THAT HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT A CRIME. OH, ACTUALLY IT WAS THE POPE [1] _The AP__: Pope Francis criticized laws that criminalize homosexuality as “unjust,” saying God loves all his children just as they are and called on Catholic bishops who support the laws to welcome LGBTQ people into the church.____“Being homosexual isn’t … Read more
  • Tens of Thousands at March for Life
    PRO-LIFERS AT ANNUAL MARCHJANUARY 21, 2023 BY SD [1]A new enthusiasm for saving lives filled the March for Life on Friday in Washington, D.C. where a huge crowd gathered to celebrate the end of _Roe v. Wade_. This January marked the 50th year since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on _Roe_ and forced states to … Read more
  • Jesus Saves
    MAN WEARING JESUS T-SHIRT BOOTED FROM MALL OF AMERICA. “PEOPLE ARE OFFENDED.” Reference:Jesus Shirt Booted From MallTo be clear, the t-shirt merely said Jesus is the only way and Jesus saves. That’s it.This isn’t in Dubai. This isn’t in England or even Canada. This is the Mall of America.How did we get to a “Jesus … Read more