Modernism III


We continue with Vatican II Exposed as Counterfeit Catholicism by Frs. Francisco & Dominic Radecki, CMRI

Modernists deceive people into believing that traditional Catholic beliefs and worship are outdated and an obstacle to scientific advancement and social progress. Obviously, the Catholic Church does not condemn everything modern, but it does condemn deadly modern errors that bring about the loss of souls and cause incalculable harm to the Church. Modernists envision a world where individuals do as they please, determine right and wrong for themselves, and where all denominational differences disappear.


The Counterfeit Church resembles the Catholic Church in just enough areas to deceive those who don’t look below the surface. Most buildings and institutions that were once Catholic are now part of the Counterfeit Church. The Vatican looks the same and its ruler wears a white cassock. The differences lie in the essentials. The New Mass barely resembles the Latin [Traditional] Mass. Most sacraments in the Counterfeit Church are radically different and contain only 17% of the original prayers. Even though previous popes condemned Ecumenism, Collegiality, Religious Indifferentism, and False Religious Liberty, the Counterfeit Church teaches them as doctrines.

Most of the destructive mass of an iceberg lies beneath the waves. In like manner, most of the work of Modernist masterminds was concealed. Planning for the Second Vatican Council and creating a Counterfeit Church took centuries. The changes of Vatican II were neither the work of the Holy Spirit nor a spontaneous rising of faith. God doesn’t cause liturgical chaos nor promote disbelief. Once all the pieces fell in place, willing agents from all over the world simultaneously implemented a well-organized plan.


…it is important to realize that past popes consistently attacked the Modernist heresies. Pope St. Pius X called Modernism, a form of Liberal Protestantism, a synthesis of heresies, since it denies so many Catholic doctrines. “A peculiar feature of Modernism is that it doesn’t come from one author but from many.” Modernism uses subtle disguises to attack many doctrines of the Catholic Church including: the Blessed Trinity, the Divinity of Christ, the Divine Maternity, the Deposit of Faith, Sacred Scripture, Apostolic Tradition, the visibility of the Church, Papal Primacy, Papal Infallibility, the Seven Sacraments, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and Transubstantiation.