Male Self-Destruction I


My training and interest since high school has been in philosophy and theology—and I’m sure this will not come as a surprise to you. So if the need arises, it is necessary to seek out others who have expertise in areas that may tangentially touch upon these disciplines, but are a subject matter unto themselves.

Recently, I came upon a man who declares his commodity to be that of “life coach.” Well, this sounded suspicious to me, so I approached with caution. But after having watched some of his YouTube videos, I thought the content he put forward should gain some attention, seems Biblically based, and for that reason alone worth consideration. His name is Sean Isaacs, and his approach centers around the
following ideas:

Most businesses in America fail at a rate of 90% or more in the first ten years. Largely because men (we will confine our discussion presently to men) fail to slay what he terms GIANTS in their lives that will destroy “themselves, their wealth and their relationships.” This happens especially to what he calls “high achieving men.” These poisonous offshoots are:

[A] Unrighteous ANGER
[B] Unrecognized SLOTHFULNESS
[C] Untampered LUST
[E] Unrepentant PRIDE
And, for the more advanced: [F] The attempt to be everything to everyone
[G] They ignore wisdom over pride

He exemplifies this by presenting various public figures, especially entertainers of various types, to demonstrate how they destroyed themselves because they were consumed by the vices listed above. He makes a point of emphasizing that there’s no reason to become self-righteous over the fall of these men, as it could happen to any of us. Furthermore, no one is totally immune from these pitfalls, even if they don’t end in complete self-destruction. The following is a partial list of some of the fallen men he presents as sort of “anti-heros” wherein we might learn from their unfortunate
Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elvis Presley, Ravi Zacharias, Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, Demas. There are many more. To be continued.