FRANCIS CARDINAL SPELLMAN Archbishop of New York (1889-1967)


From “Vatican II Exposed as Counterfeit Catholicism” by Frs. Francisco and Dominic Radecki, CMRI


After being ordained in 1916, Francis Spellman studied at the North American College in Rome. In 1918, he served Cardinal O’Connell of Boston as assistant to the archdiocesan chancellor, becoming very proficient in financial matters. His life was obscure until he was asked to accompany a pilgrimage to Rome in 1925 as interpreter. Msgr. Borgongini-Duca, his former professor in Rome, recognized him and asked him to assist another group in the same capacity. When Pope Pius XI saw how accurately he translated his speech, he had him assist Cardinal Gasparri in the Vatican office of the Secretary of State.

He would work closely with Cardinal Pacelli, the future Pope Pius XII, and the two became close friends. Spellman was an efficient opportunist, who had many contacts and knew how to get things done. Cardinal Pacelli consecrated him bishop at St. Peters Basilica on September 8, 1932 and Spellman was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Boston. In 1939, he became the Archbishop of New York. Spellman recognized the threat of Communism to the United States and the world. Pope Pius XII who also saw the danger, became the strongest anti-Communist pope of the twentieth century.

In 1946, Pope Pius XII made Spellman a cardinal and worked closely with him and the Dulles brothers since he needed America’s support against Communist aggression. Moscow, amazingly, knew exactly what America and the Vatican were doing since much of the classified information between them went through pro-Communist secretary Msgr. Montini. [Always the traitor— Montini, the future Paul VI, promulgated the Vatican II anti-council and the new mass—My comment.]

Through Spellman, Pius XII could work almost directly with the Catholic lobby in Washington, with the Senate and the Pentagon, and other key figures in the U.S. government. Incidentally, it will be recalled that Spellman was also the Military Vicar of the American armed forces. In May 1949, “Look” magazine asked Spellman to write a cover story titled “The Pope’s War on Communism.” He wrote that Pius had embarked on a crusade against the atheistic philosophies of Communist Russia… [the pope’s armies] are the God- loving peoples of the earth…

During the 1960’s Communism was at the height of its power as it attempted to gain world domination as the Iron Curtain towered over Europe and the Bamboo Curtain over Asia.

Many in the Vatican were glad when Cardinal Spellman came to Rome, since he customarily brought a check for a million dollars for the Peter’s Pence.