Forming A New Counterfeit Church II


We continue with another excerpt from “Vatican II Exposed as Counterfeit Catholicism”

During the last three centuries, enemies of God, led by Satan, attacked the Church from within and without by introducing false doctrines called heresies into Catholic seminaries, convents, rectories, parishes and schools to destroy faith. After hundreds of years of careful planning, evil masterminds formed a Counterfeit Church. Satan replaced truth with error, virtue with vice and began a moral and doctrinal revolution based on half-truths. Pope St. Pius X compared false doctrines to poison.

A handful of people in a control tower manage an entire airport. A well-organized coup d’etat causes confusion and disorder. Revolutions dismantle institutions and replace them with others. Through a false sense of obedience, millions of Catholics blindly accepted new beliefs taught at Vatican II. Others in good faith, were misled as false beliefs engulfed the world.

by Frs. Francisco and Dominic Radecki, CMRI


[1] Freemasonry [in the modern era] was formed during a meeting at Apple Tree Tavern in London, England on December 27, 1716, and spread to Mons, Belgium (1721), Paris, France (1725) and to North America (1728). By 1773, Grand Master Louis Philippe of d’Orleans, (1774-1793) presided over 600 lodges of the Grand Orient of France. Fifty years later, the Grand Orient of France had 18,000 members while the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry had 6,000. Freemasons use secret passwords and masonic symbols such as the pyramid, rule, compass and apron, and religious symbols from Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Eastern Religions, Wicca, and ancient Egyptian, Grecian and Roman pagan religions. Shriners’ Hospitals, circuses and clowns / motorcycle shows help disguise the real mission of Freemasonry. Many of the two million North American Freemasons and three million Freemasons throughout the rest of the world do not know of the secret work carried out by those in higher degrees. Pope Leo XIII wrote: “For if they were not acting wickedly, they would not have such great hate for light…avoid entirely men who consider light darkness, and darkness light.” Freemasons take secret blood oaths as they advance in 33 degrees, swearing they will never reveal to anyone, under pain of death, what occurs at Masonic Lodges. Lodge members revere the Grand Architect of the Universe, Lucifer who guides them.