Counterfeit Church VIII


We continue with a selection from “Vatican II Exposed as Counterfeit Catholicism”

Bella Dodd in a conversation with Alice Von Hildebrand told Mrs. Von Hildebrand that there were four cardinals within the Vatican ‘who are working for the Communists.’ This was twelve years before Vatican II. [It was a] thoroughly organized and minutely crafted plan, which Communists believed, would ultimately destroy the United States of America. The methods she detailed required Communist Party members and other idealists, who would inadvertently be willing conduits, to be planted in every social, religious and political aspect of American life.

by Frs. Francisco and Dominic Radecki, CMRI

In 1954, Rev. Charles McIntyre, representing the International Council of Christian Churches, defended statements by J. Matthews from the American Mercury Magazine, that “the Communist Party has enlisted the support of at least 7,000 Protestant clergyman. The clergymen, he added, had served Communist as ‘party members, fellow-travelers, espionage agents, party-line adherents and unwitting dupes.’ He also said,”…outside the known leadership the Communist Party of the U.S., the five top pro-Soviet propagandists in this country are all Protestant clergymen.” They come from many denominations and include 23 bishops. Many American elite accepted and promoted Modernist beliefs. Hollywood glorified aspects of Communism once Stalin joined America and England to defeat Nazi Germany.


The history of Communism is a bloody trail of revolution, persecution and terrorism that concentrates power in the hands of a few and
enslaves its subjects. Consider the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Chinese Revolution of 1949, the reprisals against Hungry in 1956, purges in Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia and the vile revolutions that occurred in Africa. In 1968, Moscow quickly put down the rebellion in Czechoslovakia by sending half a million Warsaw Pact troops and numerous Soviet tanks to her border. Mao Zedong, leader of Communist China, was responsible for the deaths of 76 million Chinese who were mercilessly executed, died under forced slave labor or starved.

[In 1954] Only 594 of the once 5,700 foreign Catholic missionaries were
still in China as the red regime set in motion a new wave of persecution. There were only 30 American missioners, 17 of whom were in jail and 5 under house arrest.