Atheistic Communism II


Continuing with “Vatican II Exposed as Counterfeit Catholicism” by Frs. Francisco and Dominic Radecki, CMRI.


After being beaten by his mother and alcoholic father from childhood, Joseph Jughashvili (1878-1953) was expelled from the Tiflis Orthodox Seminary in Georgia in 1899, robbed banks, “became Georgia’s Godfather of crime,” and took the name, “Stalin-man of steel.” In the late 1920’s as dictator of the Soviet Union, he had Communists, posing as seminarians in order to infiltrate the Catholic Church. A few years later, he killed 700,000 of his own people in one year during “purges.” During Stalin’s rule of the country, over 20 million people were sent to labor camps, where nearly half of them died. Alexandr Solzhenitsyn believes Stalin killed 60 million during his rule. Stalin, who admired Hitler for arresting and likely killing 1,000 enemies from June 30-July 2, 1934, told colleagues, “he’s quite a guy, that Hitler. That requires some skill. That’s how to treat political adversaries.” During the Tehran Summit, in November 1943, Stalin told Churchill, “The Devil is on my side. He’s a good Communist.”


On August 19, 1927-Soviet Press Official Investia newspaper made public a Declaration of Sergius Stragorodsky, Acting Patriarchal Locus Tenens Of the Orthodox Church in Russia, about the ‘unconditional loyalty of the Orthodox Church to the Soviet state.’ Although some Orthodox bishops, priests and faithful…opposed the Declaration of Sergius, they were soon silenced, exiled or murdered.

Stalin, Khrushchev and the NKVD-NKGB (KGB) hoped to absorb Ukrainian Catholics into the Russian Orthodox Church and use
their churches to promote Communist ideals. In April 1945, Communist leaders arrested Archbishop Slipyi and all Ukrainian
bishops loyal to Rome and deported 500 Eastern Rite priests. Archbishop Bucko, Apostolic Visitor for Byzantine-Rite Ukrainians
and Ruthenians, claimed that within a decade, more than 3,600 Ukrainian priests, many bishops and most of the clergy were
murdered by the Communists.

By the time Vatican II began (1962), many Communist agents from around the world who entered Catholic seminaries had become
theologians, bishops and cardinals. During the Council they silenced those who asked it to condemn Communism. They also falsely
portrayed Communists as respectable individuals, not as violent terrorists who executed millions of innocent people.