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  • Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire V

    The following is a list of [top shelf] pre-Vatican II theologians who teach baptism of desire and baptism of blood. This includes St. Alphonsus Ligouri, St. Robert Bellarmine, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Ambrose and St. Augustine all Doctors of the Church. There are others, perhaps many others. I have just listed these theologians based on […]

  • Baptism of Blood And Baptism of Desire iV

    In understanding the Church’s mind regarding Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire the following principles are required: You must believe the teachings of BOTH the: “Further, by divine and Catholic faith, all those things must bebelieved which are contained in the written word of God, andin tradition, and those which are proposed by the […]

  • Baptism of Blood And Baptism of Desire III

    We continue the discussion of Baptism of Desire and Baptism of Blood, by additional quotes from the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. St. Augustine, one of the greatest Doctors of the Church: “Those who die for the confession of Christ without having received thelaver of regeneration (baptism), are released thereby from their sins justas […]

  • Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire II

    In addition to understanding BOB and BOD from the mind of the Church and the Popes, we must look to accepted theologians who present to us an ensemble of consistent teaching on the subject. The theologian Melchior Cano (1509-1560) indicates the ten sources or “locis theologicis” from which Catholic doctrine can be rendered in all […]

  • Baptism of Blood And Baptism of Desire I

    In the course of most Traditional priests lives, sooner or later they will encounter those who distort the axiom “Outside the Church there is no Salvation.” They follow the teachings of the late Fr. Leonard Feeney and his followers, who embrace the Feeneyite position and reject common Catholic teaching concerning baptism of blood and baptism […]